We improve the lives of young people in a range of very challenging circumstances through music and arts based opportunities

Mothers and their Babies in Secure Settings

Children of women who are held in secure facilities should be offered specific provision that supports their development as babies and toddlers... and that's exactly what our musical project achieves


Author: Rebeka Haigh

Music and Mental Health

Young people’s mental health is an increasing concern. Using music through our specifically designed project has proven to be a good way to connect with young people in a way that feels comfortable to them


Author: Rebeka Haigh

Young People in Youth Justice Settings

We run creative projects in Youth Justice settings that directly contribute to rehabilitation and encourage young people to live secure, meaningful and socially responsible lives


Author: Rebeka Haigh

Deaf Young People and Instrumental Learning

We’re making musical instruments accessible for deaf and hearing impaired young people around the region



Our impact


children and young people in a range of extremely challenging circumstances across Yorkshire have engaged in our projects this year


children and young people in Youth Justice settings received an Arts Award, a nationally recognised qualification offered by the Arts Council


of children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) on our projects this year earned their Discover Arts Award

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