Sounds like... is our regular series of songs and music interpreting and representing different themes. Each themed playlist features up to five tracks, in a variety of genres and styles, throughout musical history to the present day and from all over the world.

Today's playlist is all about POWER.

And we couldn’t begin a playlist about power and voice without this track, could we? It is, literally, about the power of rap and the power of your own voice:

Kano is great at telling his story and describing what life in his neighbourhood, including when things go wrong  – here’s Kano (although with a little warning - a swear word right at the end):

And here’s Labi Siffre’s ballad about your own inner strength:

Coldplay seem to be talking here about the higher power of music to move people:

And finally, this track features an incredibly powerful and unusual instrument to generate the musical wave forms:

Not to be confused with the 1970s progressive rock band, Van De Graaf Generator!