Whether you love or loathe it, AI is here and is already starting to make a mark in our lives. Even more specifically in our efforts as creators of music, AI has proven that it can generate lyrics, suggest song titles and offer solutions on how to contact music industry promoters (amongst other examples) to create and share the tracks that musicians, both established and emerging, are currently crafting…

At YYM, we feel that AI is just other tool in the toolbox. And it is a tool worth exploring too… A tool that can give much needed (and free of charge) support to emerging composers and creators, as well as being an amusing and entertaining distraction. The following articles offer a glimpse into the ways which AI is changing things…

Youth Music explores how young musicians are embracing AI

BBC Newsround asks if AI music is a good thing (definitely one to share with any children you teach)

Playlist Push suggests 5 ways you can use AI as a budding artist
and Analytic Steps has offered 8 applications of AI in the music industry

But on the flip side, AI isn’t the ‘be all and end all’. Music Makes Lives Better because it still needs to be generated from it’s very human hosts, in order to prompt the AI into action AND connect with other human beings. Sure, AI can probably create a proficient composition (but again, only and crucially, with the right – human – prompts) and it can generate lyrics, for example, that could technically describe the feeling that the human creator wishes to convey. But it isn’t perfect… It often needs the existing material of human creators to generate further output and cannot fully capture what it means to be human (even though it is learning… fast). Here are some articles that offer a fuller picture and a more balanced view of the AI phenomenon:

Arts Professional gives a different picture of the effects of AI on the music industry

Billboard discusses 5 ways that AI has already changed the industry

Life After Daft Punk… one half of the duo talks about his new ballet composition and the role of AI

Whatever your views are, folks, AI is here and it will only develop more as time passes. Embracing the positives of this new tool, and understanding its limits, are two things we here at YYM encourage you to try – especially in this ever changing technological landscape.