Yorkshire Youth and Music has the expertise to increase the musical, social and life chances of young people, whatever situations they face

We work with young people aged 0 - 25, and we particularly work with those in challenging circumstances through:

  • economic disadvantage
  • life circumstances
  • a life condition
  • or self-limiting behaviour

We design, develop and deliver projects alongside our partners and young people which increase skills, knowledge and change attitudes. We have learned from young people about the complex and multiple disadvantages which limit their capacity to live an ordered life, have aspirations or long term plans.

We have the capability to design and deliver work which is appropriate to some of the most vulnerable people in our society, and the hardest to reach. We have expertise and experience in social, health, justice and other services for young people in very challenging circumstances. We aim for lasting change, so that young people and the adults who educate and care for them can have active musical lives.

We have a pool of diverse, experienced and highly qualified Music Leaders who are authentic and expert at the music they choose to practice. They are all musically flexible; adaptable, imaginative and open-minded. All work, or have worked, as professional performers, creators and producers alongside their music leading activities.

We work in partnership with Music Education Hubs, arts organisations, schools, community organisations, and other charities and statutory services. We have good relationships and regular contact with leaders and senior staff the nine MEHs in West and South Yorkshire, and good contacts in most of the rest of the Yorkshire region.

Our projects develop in four general ways:

  • contact from an organisation with a need, or a problem to solve
  • a Music Leader, teacher or lead from a music hub approaches us with an project idea
  • our experience and observations of the music education landscape leads us to an idea we think could make a difference
  • an existing project leads to new phases or developmental ideas

Our project work is developed through consultation and research, including using examples of practice or research from outside the organisation. We also use our previous projects as building blocks for future work – to spread good practice and new ways of working widely.