Well, folks, we’re in the thick of festival season, and whilst some enterprising venues and organisations are succeeding to open again to the public safely during COVID times, we thought we’d celebrate a return to some semblance of normalcy by showcasing the very talented people we work with, and their music.

Sounds Like... is our monthly series of songs and music representing a different theme. All of the featured artists below have worked on our Young People in Youth Justice Settings project or have appeared at the brilliant Aldinebury Festival, arranged especially for the young people one of the secure units by our very own Chris (Finguz) Morris. We’re very lucky here at YY&M to work with such fantastic musicians as these:

Leona Nørskov Jørgensen, a Sheffield native known for her singing on social media, appeared both on the 10th edition of The Voice UK and at Aldinebury Festival this year. She also makes a very special guest appearance in our monthly feature, Professionals' Corner this month. Here she is at her Voice UK audition, screened earlier this year:

Aziza & Finguz (aka Jess Armstrong and Chris Morris) have collaborated on this great track:

Experienced facilitators on the same project (and amazing musicians to boot), Paulette Morris and Chris Campbell, have their own band called Mojah. Here is a video of them performing, with Chris explaining what 'Mojah' means: