Brand new for 2020, Yorkshire Youth and Music is pleased to announce a new set of articles looking at music and music education in a completely different way. Here is what to expect this year:

  • Music makes life better because…
    A unique perspective on why music and music education are so important
  • Sounds like…
    A brand new monthly mini-playlist of music that we think truly encapsulates a particular theme
  • Professional’s Corner
    A monthly introduction to talented local professionals helping us to deliver our work with children in challenging circumstances (following on from the success of Musician’s Corner last year)

You can find all of these articles on our website or via our monthly bulletin

We’re also delighted to announce (and show you) our new logo:

Yorkshire Youth and Music

Our brand new slogan:

Yorkshire Youth and Music

(we definitely think it does)

And a new supporting image to represent the work we do:

Illustration of a variety of children

All in YY&M blue. We’re really pleased with them… what do you think, folks?