We are sad to hear of the news that our colleague and friend, Dave Price, has died. A native Geordie who adopted Yorkshire as his home, Dave was one of the pioneers of community music, as community musician in residence at Abraham Moss Centre, Manchester in the 1980s. Dave worked for YY&M as the evaluator of 'Sounding Out' the Millennium funded project run by Bill Vince, and he then went on to develop 'Musical Futures' with the Paul Hamlyn Foundation - an initiative with thousands of advocates today and which bases learning and teaching on exploration and creativity. In recent years, he travelled the world spreading the word of his learning philosophy including in best selling books 'Open' and 'The Power of Us'. It is fair to say that we will all miss Dave, but none more than Claire, his wife.

There is a lovely and more detailed tribute to Dave here, written eloquently by Jamie Farnell-Smith.

We also recommend, as well as reading Dave's books, that you read this brilliant interview where he talks about 'doing what you love'.