Elizabeth Anne (known to many as Liz) was a beloved and talented musician. She sadly passed away last year and her family very kindly offered donations to Yorkshire Youth and Music in Liz's memory to benefit a new generation of aspiring young musicians who we work with across the region.

"Liz entertained many a crowd with her amazing voice, whether that be as a solo artist or part of the many musical ensembles she had been part of. Having enjoyed music from a very early age, whether that was playing the many instruments Liz was gifted to play or her amazing vocals, as a family we have chosen to support Yorkshire Youth & Music as a Charity of choice in Liz's memory for the work they do with young people who have mental health difficulties."

Donations from Liz's family and friends have amounted to more than £1000 and have contributed to the cost of equipment for our new 'Safe Space Studio’ space, including a new microphone and other hardware. ‘Safe Space Studio’ came into existence following feedback from participants of YYM's Music of Tomorrow project, asking for open access studio time, so they can continue to meet up and support each other in their music making. The space is supervised by a music technician, who is also trained in Youth Mental Health First Aid. The majority of the young people attending have mental health problems that prevent them from attending education or employment. Since lockdown, the project has been the first time for many that they have left the house and started creating music with others. They work well together and have been encouraging other young people to join them. We hope that in a years’ time, the collective will be able to access other funding streams to continue their work together. We also aim to re-engage them with education, training and work through signposting to other organisations and setting up work experience opportunities, which is already happening with some of the young people involved.

The staff, trustees and young people at Yorkshire Youth and Music would like to thank all those who donated very much for their contribution in memory of Liz. Our thoughts remain with her family and friends, who are helping to support the next generation of music makers and musicians across Yorkshire.