We met F when they arrived in one of the Secure Children’s Homes we work in.

Before COVID 19 hit, our experienced music leaders were working in with the young people in the homes, a couple of days during the week. During a regular week, the pastoral and care staff at both homes were able to supervise young people using instruments and music tech equipment over evenings and weekends, alongside the sessions offered by our facilitators.

During the pandemic, and with the homes recognising the need for both safe and engaging activity for the children during lockdown, opportunities for music were actually increased (particularly as so many other activities and visitors were restricted to minimize the chances of COVID related infection).

F had a little previous experience of music-making, and was soon joining in whatever music activities were on offer, challenging themselves to build solid instrumental skills, reading music, and learning increasingly complex songs and pieces. F made brilliant progress, was engaged, persistent and dedicated to music to such an extent that, when they left the home and moved to another residence, a budget for tuition was allocated as part of their re-settlement programme.

Fortunately, the new residence was not too far away, but during lockdown, finding face to face tuition was almost impossible. So... we're pleased to report that one of our very own music leaders stepped up, and during the late summer was able to meet F in the back garden of their new residence, and continue music lessons, with continuing success!