Here are top 5 tips for communicating with Deaf young people, from some hearing impaired young people themselves...

Made by Deaf young people the following film is aimed at improving communication in the classroom and in general when working with Deaf young people. The top 5 tips are as follows:

  1. Avoid visual distractions
  2. Position yourself properly
  3. Make yourself clear
  4. How to get attention
  5. What to do in group situations

Communication Street is a film about problems Deaf young people have communicating at home, with parents, brothers and sisters. In a fun and entertaining way, it looks at things such as being woken up, not being told what's going on, communicating in the car, not hearing someone calling for you, and the age old arguments over subtitles. For each problem, a solution is also suggested by our Communication Street voice-over pigeon.

These films were made by Lauren Ansell, Sarah Edwardson, Alex Farnworth, Tom Roberts, Zain Ali, Jamie Denevon, Kieran Frankland, Amy Heard, Niamh Hibbert, Sean Jimenez, Trinity Rogers, and Stephen Wiles, with support from Biomation animators Simon Collins and Dan Axon and Lime Trees Child and Family Unit in York.