We confess we know little of Ukrainian music of any kind, traditional, classical, popular or indeed jazz.

So we had to go on a little journey of our own this month to find out more... and if you decide to go on your own Ukrainian music quest, you may find very different avenues to go down. Maksim Popichuck plays Pan Flute and Ocharina, and there’s an interesting selection of instruments behind him, some of which we can’t name:

We’ve featured Tiny Desk performances before, and here are DakhaBrakha, from Kyiv; we’ve never heard anything quite like this, and it’s wonderful:

Here’s a good example of how technology can keep us together; Illia Bondarenko recorded this folk tune in an underground shelter, and it was multi-tracked by string players all over the world. We’re all neighbours…

There are some other fantastic examples of strength and resilience within our latest Music Makes Lives Better because... edition, along with musical tributes from across the glove.

Finally, Sting and his song, Russians: