Sounds Like... is our monthly series of songs and music representing a different theme. As you can read in our latest Music Makes Lives Better Because article, we believe that inclusion is about making music accessible to young people, and that means taking account of, and working with, people’s cultural identity.

As we are currently running a project in Sheffield for Roma boys, we decided that a Roma musician would be a good thing to include in this months’ playlist. So here’s one… This video tells a little of his story, as well as showing what an amazing and original musician Django Reinhardt was. If Louis Armstrong says you’re good, you’re definitely good...

Please click here to watch the video

And here’s Ravel’s Piano Concerto for the Left Hand, written for Paul Wittgenstein whose right arm had to be amputated after a battle injury during WW1. We might say he was lucky, in that he was from a wealthy family and able to commission composers to write for him, but his determination to continue playing after his injury, developing new techniques to play with one hand, and leaving a legacy for others is an ancestor of inclusion, we think.

Finally – here’s Goldie’s Band, a project bringing together young people who’s path to music making was not always easy. And we say LOOK OUT FOR THE TRUMPET PLAYER! Our very own Sean Chandler!

There’s a whole series of videos telling everyone’s stories. Here’s the link to the introduction:

And to the final concert: