Sounds Like... is our monthly series of songs and music representing a different theme. With the announcement of a brand new Doctor (and yet another announcement that an old Doctor is also returning), we couldn't let the moment pass without a Doctor Who inspired playlist this month...

We use the word ‘loops’ a great deal in music tech, and we now take it to mean a repeating pattern of sound. But – originally – it was an actual, physical loop of tape. Music creators had to record the sounds they wanted on tape, then cut the tape at exactly the right point(s) and fasten the ends together. Tape cuts were diagonal because a vertical cut across the tape was audible on playback.

Today, syncing is achieved on DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations, like Ableton, or Logic) relatively easily using a visual grid which allows for minute precision. But again, syncing used to be done by lining up a bank of tape recorders, and starting them at precisely the right millisecond, using only your ears and one finger.

Here is Classical Nerd explaining this in a great deal of detail, including what the actual sound is that you hear whenever the Tardis travels:

Lots of us get nervous about performing music in front of other people. Nerves can be good – just enough puts you right to the top of your game. Too much and nerves get the better of you, it’s not so good.

The thing to remember is – there is nobody listening who wants you to do badly. No-one who isn’t on your side. And that’s what Jodie does here. At first says she can’t sing in front of Coldplay – then realises they’re there to help, and it’s all fine: