New music, you say?

Is this ‘classical’ music? It’s played by a string quartet (Ligeti Quartet), and it’s certainly new (the album was released on Friday 14th April, with the works written by Anna Meredith). But this track is live performed with electronics. What we think is – well, we don’t really mind. Does the label it’s given affect how you would listen? Or whether you would listen at all? Give it a go...

Next up, is Ahmad Jamal, who died on 16th April 2023, at what we might agree is a ripe old age of 92, still playing. Here he is in 2017 – playing a jazz ‘standard’ but still finding new ways to play, even after a lifetime:

Have you heard of HyperPop? We hadn’t either... it is an ‘exaggerated' take on popular music – complex, deliberately ‘glitchy’ and trying quite hard to be slightly weird. Here’s a classic of the genre from 2018, though be warned, the official video has strobe effects and is a little unnerving. We've linked to the audio on YouTube, but the official video can also be found on Sophie's channel.