Illustration of Grendel (the monster from Beowulf)

All Hallows Eve is fast approaching, folks, and we couldn't pass this year by without a fitting playlist. This time, we are all about the MoNsTeRs...!

We begin with this classic track... where we never really find out the answer to the immortal question... what's that coming over the hill?

Next is one of the most famous monsters of all time, at the moment it is brought to life, courtesy of the Royal Ballet:

Nobody can capture a monster like an animation studio, and this Night on Bald Mountain (and its inhabitants) were animated by those most famous in the industry, as part of their Fantasia production (yes, Disney folks, you know who you are!):

We couldn't feature an illustration of Grendel (our picture for this blog) without a representation of Beowulf and his exploits. This excerpt comes from the opening of Iain Bell's new piece for orchestra and choir:

The now very famous series, Wednesday, on Netflix has the titular hero playing her cello in this brilliant scene... and (trying not to give too much away) there are definitely monsters at large in the vicinity...

Here's a taster of the original version of Paint It Black. Just because.

And BONUS TRACK... no playlist about monsters would be complete without this fantastic tune: