It’s no secret that music can make our lives better by making us feel better, mentally and even sometimes, physically, particularly when we use it to accompany some physical exercise or activity. It can be a remedy, a comfort and an accompaniment to and for our emotions and our actions. In the darker times in our lives, music can provide hope where there was little or none beforehand; there are even a range of scientific studies showing that ‘positive’ music (played to a selection of people after they experience an event that can be described as a failure) can significantly improve a person’s general outlook going forwards. It can provide hope for the future.

All of us here at Yorkshire Youth and Music would like to remind you all of the power that music can hold to make you feel better and get you through the challenges life presents us. As well as having a listen to our latest playlist (a tongue in cheek set of songs with a Coronavirus theme), we'd like you all to take 5 minutes to do the following:

  1. Grab a set of headphones and plug them into the device you are reading this on
  2. Find a comfy space to sit and put your headphones on / in
  3. Take three deep breaths (preferably in for a count of 4, hold for 4 and our for a count of 8)
  4. Load up your favourite song or piece of music on your preferred online platform
  5. Just listen...

Making a tiny bit of time for yourself in all the chaos is what matters in challenging times and it is scientifically proven that music can enhance the times when you need to take five.

Keep your eyes on our social media pages (we're on Facebook and on Twitter) for other useful bits of information (as well as a few humourous, musical distractions) and take care of yourselves and each other, folks. All the very best from us.