Music and the visual arts (in particular) have been closely intertwined in many different ways for eons. Music can be an influence for visual artists, it can be a complementary addition to existing artworks and can even form the basis of some forms of fine art in itself.

The juxtaposition of music and the arts is a fascinating and ongoing dialogue, and many have written about the myriad ways that music and the arts collide and / or intersect. Here, we feature just a few of the ways in which the arts and music are explored as co-creative artforms...

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Finally, Yorkshire Youth and Music is an organisation that believes in combining and exploring different practices, where children and young people can be introduced to practitioners from different artistic disciplines who can work independently or together on multi-artform projects. We know, for example, that young people respond to creating lyrics as well as instrumental tracks, and we know that making a music video - whether live action or animated - to accompany their own musical compositions, gives young people a much richer experience and broader horizons when it comes to choosing which path they may wish to take in the future.

Exposing children to more of the arts (with their varied influences and different modes of expression), offers more avenues for young people to express themselves and offers us more chances to connect with them. It also offers connection to a wider pool of disadvantaged children, by engaging more children with varying interests. Our October half term activity is a good example of this kind of multi-disciplinary practice...