In Tune

A project to find new ways of teaching and learning music…

In Tune at St Helen's school In Tune at St Helen's school In Tune at St Helen's school In Tune at St Helen's school In Tune at St Helen's school
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In Tune is a project in partnership with four of West Yorkshire’s Music Education Hubs: Bradford, Calderdale, Kirklees and Wakefield.

Working in one primary school in each Hub area, the project offers high quality music making, giving children and young people broad musical opportunities and choices. The children are:

  • – learning music technology
  • – taking part in singing
  • – learning instruments
  • – playing in ensembles and choirs
  • – trying music theatre
  • – creating and designing their own music
  • – composing soundscapes

At the same time, the partners are learning how to make music more creative and engaging, and how to make the best use of the traditional, modern and cutting edge – in music, in instruments, equipment and software.

February 2017 update
April 2017 update
June 2017 update

February 2017

Our In Tune project is currently working in four primary schools across West Yorkshire, all selected for the project because they had an Ofsted grade of ‘Requires Improvement’.

We don’t often blow our own trumpets here at YY&M, but we’re very pleased that two of the four schools have recently had Ofsted inspections, and both have been raised to ‘Good’. In one inspection, music was specifically mentioned as an excellent feature of school life.

Trumpets are a feature in three of the In Tune schools, but the projects aren’t confined to traditional orchestral instruments. There are photos to the left of an iPad workshop; a little while ago if you were playing on an iPad you were playing on your own, even if you were sitting next to someone. Now we can link the iPads together (using ‘Link’ from Ableton… but there is other software / are other apps). Link keeps devices in time – so our iPad players can use different sounds, effects and instruments all together.

April 2017

The In Tune project contingent in Wakefield has been making waves this month. At Wakefield Music Services Hubalaboo! Concert at Wakefield Theatre Royal last week, the pupils from St Helens in Hemsworth showed their singing, song-writing, iPad and instrumental skills in a performance of a song they wrote together with their In Tune music leaders.

June 2017

Sam Dunkley, one of Yorkshire’s finest community musicians, has visited all four schools for a songwriting project; children have been working in small groups over several weeks to create new songs together. They generated ideas for the subjects of their songs, and worked on the lyrics. They’ve learned about hooks, verses, choruses, and the structure of lyric-writing and melodies with Sam.

Each school will perform two of their songs at the In Tune celebration concert at Huddersfield Town Hall on 18th July.

Two of the participating schools, St Helens in Hemsworth and St Michael’s in Shelf, came together for the day at the National Coalmining Museum in Wakefield, going underground to find out about coal mining through the ages, and taking part in a music workshop on a mining and underground themes.

At Fearnville, children created their own sound tracks to go with an advert as part of their iPad project, and the children at Ashbrow school did a short concert for parents which featured brass playing to James Brown!