Our Director, Gail Dudson, presents the findings of her MA so far…

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If you hadn’t clocked already, our very own director, Gail Dudson, is currently completing an MA at the University of Sheffield. Gail’s dissertation is based on our Great Singing, Great Signing project and recently, Gail gave a presentation on the subject to her colleagues and lecturers on the Psychology of Music course.

Gail had 10 minutes to present the aims of her subject of study, the background behind singing and signing, her approach to the research and she revealed some of her findings and outcomes of her project so far. These include:

  • – Yorkshire Youth & Music created a national summit to begin a discussion about developing a comprehensive guide to good practice
  • – Speech therapists at the school in Doncaster are ‘copying’ the music learning ideas presented in the Great Singing, Great Signing project when they engage with the children themselves
  • – Active participation is close to 100% most of the time
  • – The barrier articulated by young hearing impaired people is that ‘singing isn’t for Deaf people’ – which can be and has been addressed
  • – Children seem less inhibited about performing solo than hearing children
  • – Memorising skills have been noted as improved, as have signing skills (because being part of the choir is an interesting way to learn)

Singing and Signing Summit: January 2018 - Visual Minutes

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