Local children took over Radio 2 on Children in Need TakeOver Day!

This year’s Children in Need Day was on 16th November, and raised over £50 million for work to support children. We’re very pleased to say that we are one of CiN‘s recipient organisations, with a grant to support our work enabling Deaf young people to experience good quality music-making through both singing and learning to play musical instruments1200px-BBC_Children_in_Need.svgThe grant will pay for excellent Deaf professional musicians like trumpeter Sean Chandler to come to Yorkshire and give workshops for Deaf young people in the region. We were really pleased when BBC Children in Need offered us a space on the Radio 2 Takeover Day, asking for a playlist!

The children came up with excellent choices, with lots of brass, and songs they had learned in their Signing Choir in school. Two of the children, Maria and Hassan, recorded an enthusiastic introduction to their Takeover, which ran from 4 – 4.30 pm on Children in Need Day.

YY&M even got name checked by Steve Wright himself!

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