Deaf Instrumental Learning in Bradford: A case study

“It’s important for deaf children to access anything that hearing children do.”
Claire Hussain, a primary school teacher in Bradford


Youth Music has written a case study on our Deaf Instrumental Learning project, demonstrating our commitment to good practice in working with children in challenging circumstances.

Written by Trina Wallace

Deaf children like Isma and Aisha don’t always get the chance to make music. A project run by Yorkshire Youth & Music has given them the opportunity to learn to play instruments and boosted their confidence.

Best friends Isma and Aisha, both 11 and from Bradford, are profoundly deaf and have to wear implants to help with their hearing. They started learning to play their brass instruments in early 2015 through the charity’s Deaf Instrumental Learning project.

Deaf children are often excluded from music-making because it’s assumed that they can’t hear anything at all. Or, that they won’t get anything from music if they can’t hear it.

The project offers deaf and hearing impaired children the chance to try learning a musical instrument at in-school workshops, led by deaf and hearing musicians.

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