YY&M E bulletins (with links to themed resources)

Our e bulletin campaigns include monthly job opportunities, news and training events.

From November 2014 onward, they also contain links to theme-relevant teaching resources for early years to GCSE level students, detailed below each link:


October 2018: Music Education is Poetry in Motion
Poetry (including BSL poetry) resources
September 2018: The Long Arm of Music Education Law…
Police related resources
August 2018: Marvellous Mechanical Musical Machinery

Resources on machines
July 2018: I dreamed a dream of Music Education…
June 2018: A Musical Midsummer Night’s Dream?
Night time resources
May 2018: May the (Augmented) Fourth be with you!

All things Star Wars (and a bit of John Williams) including SW related resources
April 2018: Music Education is the life for me!
Sea and sailing resources
March 2018: Marching to the Music Education drum!
March music and marching bands
February 2018: A Body of Music Education
Resources on music and the Human Body
January 2018: Happy New Year and a Good Sign for Music Education!
Singing and Signing resources galore!


December 2017: I’m dreaming of a Music Education Christmas (let it snow, let it snow, let it snow)
November 2017: How does Music Education shape up?
October 2017: Musical Hoofing!
Music and Dance – the sequel
September 2017: Strictly Music Education
Music and Dance
August 2017: Music Education ROCKS!

Geography and Geology
July 2017: Music Education goes wild!
June 2017: Music Education on the run!

The Beatles
May 2017: Music Education gets our vote!
The General Election
April 2017: Music Education is Out There!
Music and Deaf and Hearing Impaired People (resources and articles)
March 2017: Money, money, money…
Monday and Budgeting
February 2017: The Sapphire Edition
Precious stones and gems
January 2017: Monday, Monday…
The Blues (music!)


December 2016: A Fairy Merry Christmas!
November 2016: Fantastic(al) Beasts…

Mythical creatures
October 2016: The bells, the bells!

The history and art of bell ringing
September 2016: Fire, Fire!
Musical resources for teaching about the Great Fire of London in 1666
August 2016: Are you sitting comfortably?
Children’s television themes and film music
July 2016: Carrying the Torch for Music Education!

The Olympics and music
June 2016: Should we stay or should we go?
Brexit and European music
May 2016: Music (Education) takes the cake…!

All about cake and baking
April 2016: Music (Education) oft hath such a charm…
Shakespeare: Music in the Elizabethan era 
March 2016: Happy International Women’s Day!

Women in music
February 2016: If music (education) be the food of love…
The history of Valentine’s Day
January 2016: Musically Doctor your New Year!
Music and Health


December 2015: Music Ed is Just So…
Rudyard Kipling
November 2015: God Save the Queen… and Music Ed too!
The Sex Pistols and Punk Music – should it be part of the curriculum?
October 2015: Hammer your Horror!
Musical scores from classic horror films (GCSE and A Level)
September 2015: Get in the Scrum for the Rugby World Cup!
Rugby, Sport and music
August 2015: All Music Education is equal!

George Orwell’s Animal Farm
July 2015: Music Education is out of this world!
The solar system… Ooo… aah…
June 2015: Going Medieval

Inspired by the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta and all things Medieval
May 2015: Driving home the Music Education message!

Driving related puns and resources
April 2015: Election Fever!
An introduction to politics and Westminster
March 2015: Mad as a Hatter?
Alice in Wonderland’s 150th anniversary
February 2015: Baa-d times for music education?
Chinese New Year of the Sheep
January 2015: You say you’ve got a resolution…?
New Year resolutions


December 2014: ‘Twas the night before Christmas…
All things festive!
November 2014: Oh, Cecilia!
All about the Romans
October 2014: Music Education… with more BITE!
September 2014: Just one more thing…
August 2014: Och aye the (yes or) noo!
July 2014: We’re running away with the circus…
June 2014: Tour de éducation de musique!
May 2014: Better late than never…
April 2014: State-side
March 2014: London’s calling…
February 2014: Love is in the air…
January 2014: Already too hard to handle?


December 2013: Sing along a Christmas!
November 2013: Yes, we’re blooming gardening!
October 2013: Musical ♀ Women
September 2013: Adaptive Music Technology
August 2013: Hi-ho, music education, and away!
July 2013: Put out the bunting!
June 2013: No music education, no cry…
May 2013: Get your slice…
April 2013: The hills are alive…
March 2013: Are you eggs-cited about music education?
February 2013: We *love* music education
January 2013: Happy New Year!