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We have collected a wealth of music education resources and information

Our director, Gail, and the gift from KORG...Introducing teachers to music resources

Yorkshire Youth and Music have collected a wealth of music education resources and information, through our own work and as a result of partnerships with relevant organisations across Yorkshire and nationally.

We would like to share our knowledge and music related resources, as follows:

YY&M Guides  >

We have written a series of handy guides, for teachers, teaching assistants and other members of staff, on tips, good practice and making the most of visiting musicians, in a variety of settings

YY&M E Bulletin: links to themed resources  >

Our archive of monthly bulletins contains links to free, themed resources, alongside news, training opportunities and sector relevant articles

Other Music Education Resources >

Helpful articles, songs, case studies and videos to support anyone who works with young people in education settings of all shapes and sizes

Music Education Hubs >

What are Music Education hubs and what can they do for me?

Partners and Links >

Useful music education related web links and a list of our partners and contacts

Terms and Conditions >

For coming on our training courses and viewing our website

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