How We Work

We believe in creating high quality musical experiences, encouraging broad musical horizons and open minds

Early Years music making Music making at KS3 and KS4

Yorkshire Youth and Music is a community music education company working across the whole of Yorkshire.

Established in 1989, we have more than 25 years of organisational experience in delivering fantastic, music-based projects to young people across the region.

We create music-making opportunities for children across the region, with a focus on improving the life chances of disadvantaged young people. We also provide training opportunities for adults working with these young people.

We have expertise and a reputation for reaching the hardest to reach young people, and those in very challenging circumstances, working in partnership with schools, music services, community groups and other organisations and institutions who provide support and services to young people.

Children in Challenging Circumstances  >

We work with children with SEND (including those with severe and complex needs), with Looked After Children, with Young Carers, with young people in secure and controlled environments, as well as recent migrants, Roma or travellers, and young people who live with the effects of poverty.

We use all kinds of music in our work with young people; traditional and folk music, popular and urban styles, through to classical European; working with traditional and modern musical instruments, and making the best use of music technology. We believe in creating high quality musical experiences, encouraging broad musical horizons and open minds. Our aim is that the young people we work with will develop musicianship, skills and knowledge and a thirst to explore the world of music for themselves.

We also help the following groups of people with their music education needs:

Teachers and School Workers  >

Early Years  >

Musicians and Workshop Leaders >

Young People in Yorkshire >

We design and deliver programmes of work to complement and support many areas of young people’s development, from numeracy and literacy to behaviour and cohesion. We can also work with other professionals – from other arts disciplines, or from areas as diverse as archaeology or health – to create bespoke programmes of work.

Developing Your Skills  >

We follow young people’s own musical aspirations and needs and we employ the very best, multi-skilled and expert music practitioners on our projects. We also offer a wide range of training and support to adults who work with children and young people.

Our History  >

We were:

  • – Youth Music Musical Inclusion grant holders for South and West Yorkshire from 2012 – 15
  • – Area Leaders for the government’s Sing Up programme in Yorkshire
  • – Leaders of the MusicLeader project for Yorkshire from its inception in 2005

We currently have a ‘Fund B’ grant from Youth Music called ‘Musical Journeys towards Positive Futures’.

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