Golsoncott Foundation Fund for music education projects in the UK

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The Golsoncott Foundation aims to promote, maintain, improve and advance the education of the UK public in the arts generally and, in particular, the fine arts and music.

The Trustees’ overriding concern is to support those projects that demonstrate and deliver excellence in the arts, be it in performance, exhibition, artistic craft, or scholarly endeavour.

Priority is given to applications that focus upon the perfection or promotion of the art in question. Additionally for those applications involving young people the trustees look to a long-lasting connection between them and the art form, one which aims at a significant level of participation and achievement, rather than projects that offer little scope for further involvement.

All applications for awards should be sent by the end of the month preceding the month of the Trustees meeting, i.e., end of January, April, July and October.

For more information please visit www.golsoncott.org.uk

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