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Heart of the Matter: Looking back at where we started from…

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September is the start of the new academic year for all of us working in the education sector. For Yorkshire Youth and Music, that generally means the beginning of our planning for the on

Heart of the Matter: Mental Health and Children and Young People

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In November 2018, new figures were released by on

The Heart of the Matter: How Do We Raise Funds to Make Our Projects Happen?

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As far as Yorkshire Youth & Music is concerned, ideas for our projects working with children in challenging circumstances develop in a few different ways: - contact from an organisation on

The Heart of the Matter: Maintaining a Long Term Project

In January this year, in our very first Heart of the Matter (HotM) article, Yorkshire Youth and Music introduced you to our Deaf Instrumental Learning project. The project consists of: on

The Heart of the Matter: Starting a New Music Project

Yorkshire Youth and Music has a history of creating and running projects that go on to become established musical programmes that continue long after the life of the initial on